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Magnetic Levitation Plant Pot

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Take your indoor plants to the next level — literally. Levitating pot is a genius little planter that’s not only sleek and beautiful — it actually levitates. Using proprietary MGB technology, the base uses magnets, energy, and perfect balance, so that your little plant floats 10mm off the matching base, while it slowly rotates clockwise in the air. Create living, breathing, moving art that’s absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Expected delivery – in 1-2 weeks

Shipped directly from – U.S.

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Take your indoor gardening skills up a notch with the Magnetic Levitating Pot. This plant pot is a visual treat for your home. The magnetic design allows the plant to float in mid-air. As a result, you get to see your plant in a whole new way. You can keep your favorite indoor plant inside it and make it the center of attraction in your living room. The simple design blends easily with any modern home decor. In fact, it enhances the overall look and feel of your indoor plant and makes it look more stylish and sophisticated. Indoor gardening just got more glamorous now.

Levitating Pot Details

  • Origin – U.S.
  • Materials – Maple Wood
  • Colors – Brown

— Powered By MGB Tech
— Rotating Mechanism
— Weighs .8lbs
— Runs By AC Adapter
— Made Of Wood/Plastic

— Powered by MGB Tech
— Made of Wood/Plastic
–Maximum Weight: 200 Grams
–Levitating Height: 10mm Above Base

— Pot
— Base
— Power Adapter

— Plants Not Included